Sentinel Manufacturing specialise in CNC (Vertical/Horizontal/Turning) machining, predominantly aluminium and ferrous components.

From our experience, we have found that small to medium repetitive batch sizes are ideal with diverse engineering capabilities.

We are fortunate enough to have the expertise and knowledge which can be put to good use during consultation and to discuss engineering solutions.

Product weight range is up to 500kg; bed size is up to 700cm square.

A list of the machines we work with is below:


  • DMG NHX 5000 Twin pallet CNC 4 - Arrived March 2018!
  • DMG NHX 5000 Twin pallet CNC 3
  • DMG NHX 5000 Twin pallet CNC 2
  • DMG NHX 5000 Twin pallet CNC 1
  • Leadwell MH500i Twin pallet CNC
  • Leadwell MH500S Twin pallet CNC


  • DMG-1100 Vertical CNC with 4th Axis 
  • Leadwell V42f CNC 
  • TC-2100 Challenger MICRO CUT
  • Leadwell V42i CNC with 4th Axis
  • Leadwell V42i CNC
  • Leadwell V40 CNC

Vertical Lathe

  • Hyundai-Wia LV800RM Vertical Turning Lathe (VTL) 


  • Leadwell LTC35 CNC
  • Leadwell LM7 with live tooling and bar feed
  • Leadwell LT25 with live tooling and bar feed
  • Doosan Puma 3100 - New to Sentinel December 2021!
  • DMG CLX 450 with live sliding head - New to Sentinel December 2021!

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We specialise in CNC machining. Our knowledge and expertise can provide consultation and engineering solutions.


Particular expertise is held in ensuring cleanliness and making critical products for power generation equipment.


The latest CAD technology is used, offering clients expert design solutions at all stages of product development.

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